A guardianship is a court approved arrangement that is helpful when a person becomes incapacitated or incompetent and cannot manage their own financial or personal affairs. When a parent suffers from a form of dementia or a child encounters a debilitating drug problem, it may be in their best interest for someone to step in and become their guardian. A guardian is often a family member or trusted friend of the family. They are charged with protecting the best interest of the person they are appointed to.

In North Carolina there are 3 types of guardians:

1. Guardian of the Person: This person makes decisions about the appointee’s personal matters and health care, but does not handle, or direct any finances.

2. Guardian of the Estate: This person handles the appointee’s estate, to include finances, but cannot make decisions about personal matters and health care.

3. General Guardian: The general guardian is someone who has the authority to make both personal decisions for and handle the finances of the appointee.

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