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Speechless: Primetime Programs Increase Focus on Disabilities

New personal care assistants (PCA’s) always bring new experiences.  One of the things I’m now doing is listening to NPR.  Last week they had a TV critic explaining why he thinks today’s television is so great, and I agreed with him.  In full disclosure, I go through periods where I don’t watch much TV.  But […]


It might have been because I was putting in a lot of hours to Disability Rights NC last week, but I had an interesting experience.  I recently watched the old animated Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie this past week for the first time in several years.  One thing I happened to notice is that many […]

NDEAM -The Celebration Continues

“This act does something important for American business, though — and remember this: You’ve called for new sources of workers. Well, many of our fellow citizens with disabilities are unemployed. They want to work, and they can work, and this is a tremendous pool of people. And remember, this is a tremendous pool of people […]

Actions Speaks Louder Than Flags

I’m not the most vocal advocate since I’m off the charts on the introvert side of the scale, yet I do have a reputation for being a strong leader and at times a trouble maker.  I’m not joking when I say that I don’t know how I achieved the status of being a troublemaker, as […]

Observations from Below: The Lucky One.

One of my earliest childhood memories was my young cousins fighting for rides in my wheelchair. They thought it was a fun and easy way to get around. Later there were kids in school that thought I was lucky for not having to participate fully in gym class. Nowadays, I see a lot of commercials […]

Observations from Below: There’s No Place Like Home

I haven’t really blogged about my own home town since my introduction to this blog. Just like anyone else, I am a product of my environment. Winston is an interesting place for a person with disabilities to live. We do have lots of services here that places like Salisbury don’t. That’s why we moved here […]

Observations from Below: Reflections of my Trip to Washington

As I mentioned in my last blog a couple of weeks ago, I recently came back from Washington, DC. I had to attend a face to face meeting related to my work with the National Disability Rights Network. We spent a day discussing employment and health equity in reference to people with disabilities. According to […]

My Therapist Prophecy

When I was first diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, my occupational therapist apparently told my mom that I would be a great man trapped in a disabled body.   I don’t remember this because I was 9 months old, but in a weird way, I agree with her.  It’s not that I have a poor body image, […]

Observations from Below: Knight Rider’s KITT

For most people, sixteen is a big birthday. Some teenagers get their first car and their license, because they’ve gone through the required driver’s education course. This is one area where my disability has made me choose a different path. Like I’ve mentioned before, I had to have some of every type of Cerebral Palsy […]

Did You Know?

As a young journalist and a recovering perfectionist, I love watching CBS news magazine, 60 Minutes. Not only do the 60 Minute journalists have a reputation for being some of the best interviewers, often they have stories that capture my attention. Learning from the best is said to be a great way hone your skills. […]