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While Liipfert Law Group does not currently practice in Social Security Disability benefits, we do have some knowledge of this program and the way it works, which we hope you will find useful. First, there is a reason many people choose to hire a lawyer to represent them in disability claims: Cuts to the Social […]

A Better Advocate, A Better Patient

From personal experience, I can tell you that one of the most important aspects of healthcare is having a strong and open relationship with your doctor.  Like many people with disabilities, I’ve seen a lot of doctors over the years.  Recently, I had an experience to which some people with disabilities can relate. I have […]

Nursing Home Rights and Choosing your Diet 

  Living in a nursing facility is not something one looks forward to in life. However, all of us risk getting to the point where we need help.  What can you do when you find yourself living in one?  Foremost, know your nursing home resident’s rights! There are several things you should know about your […]

Americans with Disabilities Act – Building Strong Communities

  Although it’s early in the process, I’m really enjoying my time in the Flagship program of Leadership Winston Salem. Before I applied, I was told I was the first person with a severe disability to participate. That’s why I’m impressed by the active efforts to include me.  This effort led me to reflect on the […]

Observations From Below: Doug was a Cool Guy

  Yesterday, I lost a good friend and mentor who taught me a great deal about writing.  Seeing the outpouring of support, he continues to receive has caused me to reflect on how fortunate I am to be integrated into my community.  Most people with disabilities, like mine, experience some form of social isolation at […]

Observations From Below: A Busy Summer

A couple of weeks ago, a short video clip went viral. It shows a man in Georgia helping to get a woman using a wheelchair home after it ran out of power. From personal experience, I know that power wheelchairs are more cumbersome than people think. Especially when a person is sitting in it while […]

Elder Law Attorney Winston-Salem NC – Find Local Advice

Finding yourself in need of legal help may feel overwhelming. Understanding what you need, who you need and how best to resolve your case can be confusing and even overpowering.  There are several steps that you can take to ease the process.  The first is to find your team locally for elder law attorney Winston-Salem […]

Observations From Below: Bearing the Cross

  Recently, I had posted on Facebook that I was experiencing writer’s block. That was probably closer than half right.  I was experiencing a lack of ideas, which I guess is the definition of writer’s block. But I think I had an idea that was too intimidating to write down. If you follow my Facebook, […]

Observations From Below: I’m no Blowhard

I’ve always found it interesting how my life works out sometimes. Almost like the universe is going to send me a message. In an interesting coincidence, I have been sick every time I needed to advocate health care reform. The first time I went to Washington in March, I came down with a cold. The […]

Observations from below: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

People mistake comfort for my passion about the subject of Disability Rights. In truth, I still don’t speak up enough in large meetings with other passionate people. I’m much more comfortable listening than talking. I only speak when I have something to say. The part that people don’t see after I give one of my […]